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It’s been a while.

I haven’t updated this blog in… what, two months? Maybe two and a half? I haven’t really been keeping track, but it’s always been in the back of my mind. What’s stopped me from posting? A couple of things; stress from working two jobs and a total lack of motivation and creativity, but mainly my failure and the embarrassment that tags along with it.

You see, in my last few posts I joyfully announced that I’d soon be finished my first draft of my first novel, in doing so fulfilling a lifelong dream of being an author. Not being a successful author, or an author who even sells a single copy, but an author who has finished writing a book, because that’s what writing a book makes you; it makes you an author. I wanted to be an author before my momentum and motivation came to a stuttering halt, and I’ll still want to be an author after the next inevitable bout of writers’ block too.

Ultimately, it’s down to me. I haven’t finished my novel yet. I let the pressure I put on myself by setting a deadline completely derail me. I lost faith in my plot, in my characters, in my ability as a writer, and the saddest thing is it’s all so damn predictable. I’ve written several posts about it on this very blog; I’ve posted articles on tips to beat writers’ block, how to stay motivated and persevering even if you and everyone else doubts that you can do it. But in the end, it’s you and the keyboard. And sometimes knowing how to beat something isn’t the problem, it’s making yourself do it in spite of your fear of failing.

I have fear, but fear doesn’t control my dream, it just can’t. Completing this is too important to me. I’ve had two months of excuses and feeling sorry for myself and doubting myself more than I ever have before, but now it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get writing again. And the next time this happens, because it probably will, I’ll do the same.

Bottom line: Writing is hard, but nothing worth having ever comes easy.

2 thoughts on “Still Here, Still Writing • Writing Thoughts

  1. Thank you for sharing! I’m sympathetic to your bout with writer’s block. I don’t think it ever matter how long or short an author/writer has been putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard…when one hits a block, it’s hard to overcome. Thank you for being up front and honest about your experience because I’ve been there, I’ll be there again, and this piece is motivation to preserving. I’m uncertain if this’ll help you, but whenever I’m in a rough patch, I try writing (sometimes something that’s unrelated to the piece heckling me) something small. Even writing down my thoughts. I’ve even looked up writing prompts on Pinterest! Whatever the case, I wish you all the best for finishing your novel. And one last thing? You ARE an author whether your novel gets finished or not. (But I do know what you’re implying in the text. I simply felt it important enough that you are one whether it’s finished or not.) Thank you so much for sharing! 💫

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    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it! Writers’ block is a curse we all share at some time or another, what matters is powering through! 🙂 Best of luck in your own writing journey!

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